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A Super Search enables you to search across multiple databases of your choice for records with a given NIIN or Part Number. The database check boxes are on/off toggle boxes. Databases are grouped in categories of like information, such as pricing and procurement data and individual branch of service. There are Select All and Clear All buttons; however, there are also column header check boxes to select or clear all of the databases in a group. These column header check boxes enable you to focus your search on, for example, US Navy data sets.

Perform embedded wildcard searches using the '%' or '*' to match multiple characters, or the underscore ('_') to match a single character. When using a left-most wildcard, at least 2 alpha-numeric characters following the wildcard are required; when using a right-most wildcard, at least 2 alpha-numeric characters preceding the wildcard are required. The CTDF PID, DODIC, HMDF, and SNUD databases do not support wildcard searching.

If using Super Search to find QPD information, the Part Number search box searches against the part numbers in both the Government Designation and Manufacturer Designation fields.

Search Examples

The examples below include a NIIN search and a Part Number search. These are actually examples of two different searches and should not be used together in the same query.

To perform either a NIIN Super Search or a Part Number Super Search

  1. Click Database > Super Search.
  2. To search across all of the Haystack Gold databases, click Select All if all databases are not already selected.
    Click the column header of a specific data set within which to search, for example, US Navy.

    Click Clear All to clear the selections and reselect specific databases.
  3. Type 015646748 in the NIIN field, and then click Search.
    Type 38110* in the Part Number field, and then click Search.
    A Multi-Database Search Results table appears.
    Multi-Database Search Results
    Your results list shows how many records there are for the NIIN or the Part Number that are cross-referenced in each of the databases where it was found.
    An ISO Group icon (ISO button) and link appears at the bottom of the search results, which enables you to open a Submit RFQ window and request a quote from ISO Group. See Requesting a Quote from Search Results below.
  4. Click a link in the Records Found column to view results applicable data for each database record.
    When you click the Records Found link for the QPD, Haystack Gold remembers the NIIN or the part number that was searched and appears it in the QPL document. Only search results for the particular NIIN or part number are displayed rather than a list of all of the records in that document.

    In the QPD display, remove the NIIN or the part number refinement by clicking Clear All Refinements, and you do further refinements using the search fields for Government Designation, NIIN, Manufacturer's Designation, Manufacturer's Name, and CAGE Code above each column in the results table, and then clicking Refine Products Within This QPL.

    If you refine your results with a Manufacturer's Name, type entire words rather than wildcards. Otherwise, you may receive a message that the system has timed out. You also have the option to find the associated CAGE Code and Company Name in the CAGE Code results table at the bottom of the window. You copy and paste—or manually enter—the CAGE Code into the CAGE Code refinement field to quickly filter for results that return the Manufacturer's Name.

Requesting a Quote from Search Results

Searching with a part number or NIIN, there are multiple ways to launch a search and obtain results on the Multi-Database Search Results window. In each case, the ISO Group icon (ISO button) appears near the bottom of the window, whether or not you obtained results in your search.
 ISO Group

When you click ISO Group (ISO button), the Submit RFQ tab opens on the Quotes and Orders window. The Part Number or NIIN from your search results is populated in the PartNumber/NIIN field. To learn how to complete this window and submit a quote, see Submitting an RFQ.

View the Multi-Database Search Results window with or without results based on the following kinds of searches:

For more information about the search refinements for QPD, please review the QPD topic.

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