The D200F - Air Force Indenture database contains data that is the next higher assembly” data, which cross-references components to end items associated with a NIIN.

The D200F Applications, Programs, and Indentures (API) system is a subsystem of the Air Force RMS and is the approved Air Force tool for maintaining hardware indentures and relating program data to secondary items. The purpose of D200F is to support the D200A SIRS processes by insuring the operational and maintenance program assigned to end items and assemblies is distributed to lower level components and subassemblies. The system does this by maintaining complete indenture structures for all end items, including aerospace vehicles, equipment, engines, and ground vehicles. This is a historical database.

To do a D200F search

  1. Click DatabaseAir ForceD200F.
  2. Type 37903-1 in the Part Number field and click Search.
    The results yield 14 records that list this part (an aircraft fuel tank) as an end-item of an assembly kit associated with NIIN 00-498-5139. In this example, the item is listed as a component part that is associated with seven different NIINs (under the Component section) with a different part number.
    There are nine part numbers in the component section that do not associate with a NIIN indicating that the part is not stocked with those NIINs but
    (1) can be procured, or
    (2) the part cannot be replaced without replacing the entire assembly kit. Your search on this part number may retrieve different totals of related NIINs or part numbers if the information has been updated.
  3. Click the CAGE link to view vendor information.
  4. Click the NIIN link to view the cross-referenced FLIS data.
  5. Click the View link for the first item in the list to display Segment F (End Item and Components) data.
    This data shows all the components of Part Number 37903-1 and the source maintenance recoverability/repair/use codes for each component.

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