QPL/QML (Historical)

This database is now replaced with the QDP database. See topic QPD Database.

The QPL database contains historical QML / QPL PDF documents for U.S. Military and Federal qualifying data for over 1.5 million pre-tested products. Information on SMD part numbers is also included. The database can be used to cross-reference the MCRL data by part number.

To do a QML/QPL search

  1. Click Database > Supplemental Databases, and then select QPL/QML (Historical).
  2. Type 6145 in the FSC field.
    A list appears of all the QPLs with this FSC. In addition, the results list includes Manufacturer Part Numbers, Government Part Numbers, CAGE codes, Manufacturer Names, and any Notes associated with a line item.
    Note: If you do not know the FSC number, you click the FSC link and type one or several words, separated by a space or comma, and click Search to retrieve a list of FSCs that meet the keyword criteria you entered. You modify your keyword again or select a specific FSC by clicking it.
  3. Click M17/95-RG180 in the Govt.Part No. column.
    A multi-database search result lists all the databases in which this part can be found.

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