DODIC (Ammo)

The DODIC is a four-digit code assigned by the DLSC. It identifies ammunition and explosive items (non-nuclear) within the supply system applicable to all the armed forces. The NALC is a four-digit code assigned by SPCC. It identifies Navy-unique items of ordnance. The DODIC and NALC are interchangeable terms and are included as part of the letter identification contained on ammunition and ammunition components. These codes are used specifically for  logistic control and ammunition administration. If an ammunition item or ammunition component has been modified, a DODIC/NALC code is assigned to the modified item. For example, Mk 105 Mod O is assigned code A811 and Mk 105 Mod 1 is assigned code A894.

To do a DODIC (Ammo) search

  1. Click DatabaseSupplemental Databases >DODIC (AMMO).
  2. Type arming % in the Item Name field, and then click Search.
  3. Click part number 1325EA250 in the Part Number column.
    A FLIS/TIR Brief appears.
  4. Click the NIIN 01-436-7027 to view the FLIS Header Segment A, MCRL, and MC-L data.
  5. To view data in the cross-referenced databases, click any of the links under the sentence, "This NIIN was also found in the following databases." Any underlined databases are linked to data for this NIIN.

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