Pub Manuals

The Army Publication and Technical Manuals database links to digital PDF documents of more than 600,000 NSN/NIINS in the Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Forms [Department of Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 25 - 30].

To do a Pub Manuals search

  1. Click Database > Army > Pub Manuals.
  2. Type Q19% in the LIN field.
    A results list appears with 28 different publication/form titles.
  3. Click Next > Pub/Form Number TM 11-6665-224-20P.
    An information panel appears with the Title, the NSN, LIN, UI, PIN (found on the last window of a manual), the number of windows, the Publication date, the Proponent: the individual that proposed the document - in this example it is CECOM, footnotes, the publications status, any applicable new status, the applicable Series 12 number, and the microfiche location for the publication.
    Note: The PIN links to the same PDF document as the PDF icons link to.
  4. Click the NSN link, 6665-00-975-7222 to display FLIS Header Segment A, the MCRL, and the MC-L data.
  5. Click any of the links under the sentence, "This NIIN was also found in the following databases." Any underlined databases  are linked to this NIIN.

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