GIDEP Alerts

The GIDEP database is established by the Department of Defense for collecting and disseminating information about nonconforming products and materials. It is a cooperative effort to exchange research, development, design, testing, acquisition and logistics information among government and industry participants. GIDEP seeks to reduce or eliminate expenditures of time and money. The proper utilization of GIDEP data can materially improve the total quality and reliability of systems and components during the acquisition and logistics phases of the life cycle.

For more information and to learn how to register, please visit the GIDEP website.

Search the GIDEP database to see notices posted.

To do a GIDEP search

  1. Click DatabaseSupplemental DatabasesGIDEP Alerts.
  2. Type 105056* in the Part Number field and click Search.
    Where additional terms in other fields are included, Haystack Gold attaches the terms using a Boolean AND modifier.

The results window appears.

  1. Select from the following:

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