The SPMIG is a database containing detailed information on all the Navy’s standard materials and repair parts. This database was constructed by carefully reviewing the TPMTE blocks of MRCs. All of the materials and repair parts listed were given standardized names and identified to a NSN, or in the case of test equipment, a SCAT code.

Search this database with any of the following search criteria: Guide Number, NIIN, FSC, Nomenclature, CAGE, APL, Part Number, CAT Code, Scat Cd, and MIL/FED.

To do a SPMIG search

  1. Click Database > US Navy > SPMIG.
    The Search window for SPMIG appears.
  2. Type 76588 in the CAGE field, and then click Search.
    The results (11 records) include all references in the SPMIG that are applicable to CAGE number 76588.
  3. Click the SPMIG reference number 07894 in the Number column.

An information panel appears:

  1. Click the APL number 755077004. Your search crosses over to the APL/AEL database where you view FLSIP information and Segments B and D for the APL associated with SPMIG 07894.

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