MRIL database provides current authorized disposition instructions for NRFI reparable items. It is the primary Navy source document for users, shippers, and receivers of managed reparable components.

Sample Search

  1. Click DatabaseUS NavyMRIL.
  2. Type 0148429* in the NIIN, NICN, or NSN field and click Search.
    Your results list 33 records based on the first 7 digits and the asterisk represents the last 2 digits of the NIIN.
  3. Click Refine Search to open the main search window in conjunction with your results list.
  4. Type 5999 in the FSC field and click Search.
    Your results list is now just 6 records.
  5. If we look at the codes for the first record, we see that this item has a COG code of 7R, which indicates that the Aeronautical Depot Level Repairable Spares is the agency that is the ICP for the item.
  6. If we click the first 5999 FSC code in the list, a message window appears that informs us that the item is categorized as miscellaneous electrical and electronic components in the Federal Supply system.
  7. Click the first NIIN, 01-148-2902 to go to the MRIL table that provides additional coded information. A MCC code of H (which is also on our results table) indicates the item is a Depot Level Repairable. A SMIC code of QE (which is also on the results table) indicates that the item is for a F18 Fighter Aircraft. A MPD code of 13 indicates that if the item needs to be re-turned, it can be returned using routine procedures, such as returning it through the US Post Office or other method that does not require special handling. There is no CIIC or SRC code associated with the item. The J code in the Other Notes column indicates the item qualifies as an item that can be sent via regular mail. A UIC code of C25272 (which is listed in our results list as a Ship code) is the address where the item can be shipped for repairs.

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