Canadian ProH

The Canadian Procurement History database provides part numbers, item names, prices, dates, file ID numbers, supplier source contact information, vendor contact information, and more.

To do a Canadian Procurement History search

  1. Click DatabaseCanadian DNDCanadian ProH.
  2. Type 21167% (or asterisk *) in the Part Number field and click Search.
    There is only one part number similar to 21167.
  3. Click the NIIN to view a Canadian MCRL Details/Summary window.
    This Details/Summary window is similar to the FLIS Details/Summary window, but the codes include some that are relevant to the Canadian military/government processes. For example, the summary includes MOE codes, NCAGE records, and Green codes. In addition, the summary window includes a link to Canadian Procurement History for the selected NSN if it is available and applicable.
    Hover the cursor over the graphic to enlarge it.
    Details Summary page
  4. Click a File ID link, to view a Canadian Procurement History Information window that includes vendor and supplier source information.