Canadian MCRL

The Canadian MCRL data-base provides vital information on over 3 million items in the Canadian supply system. Over one million NSNs are detailed in this database. Information provided includes part/NSCM data, end item/EAC, characteristics, and cross-references.

To do a Canadian MCRL search

  1. Click Database > Canadian DNDCanadian MCRL.
  2. Type Cable Pulley in the Item Name field, and then click Search.
  3. Click a NIIN to view the Details/Summary window.

    This Details/Summary window is similar to the FLIS Details/Summary window, but the codes include some that are relevant to the Canadian military/government processes. For example, the summary includes MOE codes, NCAGE records, and Green codes. In addition, the summary window includes a link to Canadian Procurement History for the selected NSN if it is available and applicable.
    Note that there is a hyperlink to the USFLIS.
    Details Summary page