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A Material Safety Data Sheet is a technical document that provides more detailed hazard, precautionary, and emergency information on the product. The MSDS is meant to supplement the alert information contained in the Supplier or Workplace Labels.

A MSDS must be present for each hazardous material regulated under the WHMIS. All workers who may be exposed to a hazardous product must have access to the MSDS and it must be close to the work area at all times. Suppliers must send a MSDS for every new controlled product they sell to the University. The University (department) has to develop a MSDS for each controlled product produced or imported directly. Suppliers have to develop MSDS in both official languages, but the purchaser may request data sheets in either or both the official languages.

Although no particular format or design of a MSDS is stipulated in the WHMIS legislation, the MSDS must provide all the information required in the nine categories set out in the regulations. No section of the MSDS can be left blank. If information for a section is not available or not applicable, the MSDS must indicate that fact; the abbreviation N/A is not acceptable. A MSDS must not be more than three years old from the date of preparation.

It is against regulations to use a controlled product without the appropriate MSDS on hand. Therefore, one should make sure that the MSDS is available and consult it before using that product. In the event of an emergency, as in the case of an accident where a person requires medical attention due to overexposure to a controlled product, a copy of a MSDS should be provided to the attending medical personnel.

To do a Safety Data Sheets search

  1. Click DatabaseSupplemental DatabasesSafety Data Sheets.
  2. Type 015% in the NIIN field, and then click Search.
    A result of five documents is returned with a link to each of the documents, a description, the company that supplied the document, the FSC, and the NIIN.
  3. Click Document for HALON 1301, FREON FE 1301. A Safety Data Sheets from Ansul Fire Protection, Wormald U. S. INC appears.
  4. Click your browser's Back button or right-click on Back to Brief, and then select Back.
  5. Click the NIIN, 015436623.
    Since this is a gas and not an actual part, it will not be found in the FLIS and a multi-database part or NIIN Super Search window appears with check boxes for all the possible cross-referenced databases in which the item may be found.
  6. Leave all the databases selected, and then click Search. One record is found.

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