Marine Corps SL6

The SL-6 Database includes SL6-1 and SL6-2 data. SL 6-1 is an application listing for end items and components. It is a computer-generated microfiche cross-referenced listing of all centrally-managed end items, major components, fifth echelon secondary reparables, and modification kits.

The SL 6-2 is a computer-generated microfiche used to identify repair parts application. Repair parts are listed in NSN sequence. ID numbers of each end item, major component, depot repairable, or modification kit are listed beneath the NSN to show application.

To do a Marine Corps SL6 search

  1. Click DatabaseUS Marine CorpsSL-6.
  2. In the Nomenclature field, type Crane > Search.
  3. On the results list, click the Details link for IDN 09166A.
    A summary of the end items information and what ID 09166A consists of appears.
  4. Click the ID No, 09339A.
    A summary appears with information such as the Model number for IDN 09339A, the CEC, the NSN/NIIN, the Exit Date the TAM number, and the TIDC. A panel also appears with a cross-reference back to 09116A.

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