The Navy Item Control Point/CRF database references both cataloged and non-cataloged items. Available data includes part numbers, CAGE codes, NIINs, and temporary Navy Item Control Numbers.

To do a NICP CRF search

  1. Click DatabaseUS NavyNICP CRF.
  2. Type 008389412 in the NICN field, and then click Search.
  3. In the results list, click NICN 008389412 for part number MILR26-3 to view the cross-referenced NSN.
    you also view definitions for the RNCC, VC, FC, JC, SC, AAC, SADC, DAC, CAGE, and Name of the company for part number MILR26-3.
  4. Click the NICN link and you see that the part and the part's NICN are cross-referenced in the FLIS database with two alternate part numbers.
    The part (an inductive wire-wound fixed resistor) is now a component of an assembly. Actually, it is a component part of several assemblies, which becomes evident when you do a Super Search and the part is referenced in several databases and several different assembly kits.
  5. Click part number MILR26-3 to do a Super Search.
    References to this part occur in 724 records in the FLIS database (with NIINS other than 00-838-9412), 197 records in the Canadian MCRL, 4 in Inventory/Capability, 397 records in the Navy CRF database, and 3 records in the Air Force D049 database.

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