TSP Tools

If you work in the Sales or Marketing area, or you just need company information for a geographical area, the TSP Tools feature can provide you with valuable information that you then apply, for example, to your bid process.

To use TSP Tools

  1. Click Database > Vendor DataTSP Tools.
  2. You want to know which companies in the Indianapolis area sold to the US government and their average yearly revenue. type 46222 in the Zipcode field.
    At the top of the list, you see Allison Transmission, which is a division of General Motors Corporation. In addition to the basic address and phone information for the company, the results table also shows you the company's average yearly government sales, a procurement history NIIN count of 201, and a FLIS NIIN count of 24,662.
  3. Click the CAGE 73342.
    This links you to the Company Details window, which includes CCR, H4/H8, FSC, SIC, NAICS, Weapons System, and Procurement History data, as well as Company and Contact information.
  4. Click the Map link for Allison Transmission to open an actual street map supplied by Google Maps.

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