Quotes and Orders

Through a global network of authorized representatives and a network of 1.3 million suppliers, ISO Group delivers spare parts for military, government, and commercial procurement needs around the world. To learn about the extent of ISO Group's services to contractors, maintenance, repair, and operational (MRO) facilities, FMS, DLA and all maintenance levels for defense, land, air, and sea parts, visit their Web site at iso-group.com.

While in Haystack Gold, you submit a RFQ to ISO Group for a part (or list of parts), receive quote information, place an order with ISO Group, and refer to a history of your purchase orders.

Three Ways to Access the Quotes and Orders Window

You have the option of clicking the Quotes and Orders - ISO Group link in the Details/Sumary window when viewing an NIIN.

Quotes and Orders - ISO Group

The Submit RFQ tab opens on the Quotes and Orders window (Quotes and Orders is a category and link on the Database menu after the Search tools) with your name, email, the NIIN, part number, and description typed in the appropriate fields. You complete the fields for this item, add another quote request item by clicking Add Quote Item, or upload a parts list, and then click Request Quoteto request a quote from ISO-Group. See Submitting an RFQ.

Request Quote

Alternatively, you click DatabasePricing and ProcurementQuotes and Orders on the menu bar to open the Submit RFQ window. Notice that the fields are blank with the exception of your name and email. Fill in the information to request a quote, add another quote request item, or upload a parts list, and then click Request Quote to request a quote from ISO Group.

Database Menu and Quotes and Orders Link under Pricing and Procurement

The third alternative is to select the ISO Group icon from a Super Search Multi-Database Search Results window. See Super Search.

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