Military Sealift Command ProH

The MSC database is a procurement history database. It contains NSNs, Item Names, UIC numbers, Hull numbers, part numbers, CAGE codes and status, quantity, unit price, company name, city, and state. You search the database by NIIN, UIC, HULL, Part, CAGE, and Company.

To do a Military Sealift Command ProH search

  1. Click Database > Pricing and ProcurementMilitary Sealift Command ProH.
  2. Type Lockheed in the Company Name field, and then click Search.
    The search returns only one record, indicating that this is the latest contract between Lockheed Martin and the Military Sealift Command. The information includes the contract and order number, purchase date (Action Date), fiscal year of the purchase and the amount the Military Sealift Command paid Lockheed for the purchase.

For more contract details, see the ICARS ProH database topic.

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