The Vendor H4/H8 Database includes FSCM cross references to CAGE codes and associated organization names. It provides company names, CAGE codes, addresses, phone numbers, and other data on these organizations.

The H4/H8 CAGE code provides listings of firms that manufacture or distribute items procured by the U.S. Government or other NATO countries. This database was created as a result of a merger between the former H4 and H8 Handbooks. The CAGE Code was formerly referred to as the FSCM.

Some of the definitions for the fields on the Vendor/CAGE (H4/H8) search window include:

To do a Vendor H4/H8 search

  1. Type Milwaukee Valve in the Company Name and field and click Search.
  2. Click 3J605 in the CAGE column to view the company's corporate office information.
  3. Click 76364 in the Assoc. column to view the associated cage, which is the company's secondary office.
    CAGE 1XUL8 is also a secondary office.

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