Visual Search

A Visual Search enables you to find items and the INC based on a generic image.

To do a Visual Search

  1. Type an item name in the INC Key Word(s) field, such as wrench.
  2. Select the item you want from the list of Available INC (such as Multiplier, Torque Wrench) and click the IMG link in the INC column.
    All the images that are associated with the NSN records with the name INC are displayed on a window as thumbnail images.
  3. Click an image to enlarge it. Click again to enlarge the image further.
  4. Click the List NIINs that have this Image link to view any NIINs associated the image.
  5. Click the NIIN link to view a detail summary window that includes cross-references to the databases that have the part and any codes that apply to the part, such as RNCC. CIIC, SOS, etc.

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