Tech Manual Parts Index

The Tech Manual Parts Index database enables you to search Army technical manuals for end item and component information on specific parts.

To do a Tech Manual Parts Index search

  1. All the information we have for the part we want to verify in a Tech Manual is that it was manufactured by Parker Hannifin Corporation, whose CAGE number is 83259, and we only know part of the NIIN number.
  2. Click DatabaseUS ArmyTech Manual Parts Index.
  3. Type 83259 in the CAGE field and 01125% in the NIIN field, and then click Search.
    The result list displays two records.
  4. Click the first NIIN 011259912 (associated with TM 1-1520-238-23P-4) to go to a Details/Summary window for the NIIN.
    On the summary window, we see that the Parker Hannifin Corporation is the vendor for part number 678-655-4, which has a RNCC of 3, a VC (RNVC) of 2, an AAC of CT and a DAC of 5.
  5. Click the Procurement History in the Pricing and Procurement column. In the NSN Detail column, click CTDF to view the Contract Technical Data File that has the PID, or click MOE to view Major Organization Entity data. You also click any databases that are underlined to go to the NIIN information in those databases.
  6. To view an ILSMart listing for part number 678-655-4, click the ILS icon (ILS icon).
    A list of different items appear. The item we are looking for is packing w/retainer.
  7. Click the line item for Packing w/ Retainer.
    A separate window opens and we are taken to the ILS Mart Website Login window. If you have a username and password, type your username and password. If you do not have a username and password, go to and contact an ILS representative.
  8. Type your username and password. When the ILSMart Parts Availability Results display, there are 46 hits for part number 678-655-4. We see that the only listing ILS has for part number 678-655-4 (packing w/ retainer), is a vendor called The Leading Edge Aero Spares, under the heading ILS Market - Updated No Less Than Monthly.
  9. Click the link for The Leading Edge Aero Spares.
    To receive a quote on the item, click the check box and then click Create RFQ at the bottom of the window.
  10. Close the ILS Website window to return to the Haystack Gold window with the ILS listing.
  11. Right-click the cursor on Back to Brief and select Back to return the Details/Summary window.
  12. Right-click the cursor on Back to Brief and select Back to return the result list with the two records.
  13. Click View to open a PDF image of the TM 1-1520-238-23P-4 document.
    This 585 window document lists and authorizes spare and repair parts; special tools; special TMDE; and other special support equipment required for the performance of the aviation unit and aviation intermediate maintenance of the AH-64A Advanced Attack Helicopter. It authorizes the requisitioning, issue, and disposition of spares, repair parts and special tools as indicated by the SMR codes.
  14. To verify part number 678-655-4 is a component or end item for the AH-64A Advanced Attack Helicopter, in the View column, click View PDF.  
  15. In the search field, type 678-655-4. The part appears in the Cross Reference Index on window 437 of the Technical Manual. In addition the CAGE number, the NSN/NIIN number, the figure number, and item number are listed.
  16. Click the browser's Back button to return to the Haystack Gold application.

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