The SB700-20 (Reportable Items Selected for Authorization) Supply Bulletin contains all active LINs. Used primarily for accounting purposes, LINs are assigned to a specific name of an item that is not consumed or destroyed when used. It is also used to provide management data to major commands and field activities in conjunction with authorization documents for maintaining property books and asset reporting. This data is historical.

This database provides specific information relating to TAADS database, the Army Maintenance Management System, the Army Type Classification System, and Logistic Management Control Data. Together with the Common Table of Allowances (CTAs), it authorizes reportable items using given criteria. It is used as a guide for all Army units, organizations, and installations responsible for furnishing reports.

To do a SB700 search

  1. Click Database > Army > SB700.
  2. Type 009% in the NIIN field.
  3. On the results list, click the Details link in the View Details column for LIN number R71504.
    A summary appears with the NSN, Item Name, LIN, CMC, RICC, RIC/SOS, the chapter number of the bulletin in which the item appears, the CIIC, SC/SCMC, ATCC, LCC, ABAAC, UI, ECC, SN/BRIC, SN/AR, SCIC, the Price of the item TCA/MSCR, and ATD.

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