The NICN-to-NIIN database provides a cross reference from the NICN to a NIIN. The file is essential for researching actual NIINs that were once temporary stock numbers and identifying critical management data for these items.

To do a NICN/NIIN search

  1. Click DatabaseUS Navy > NICN to NIIN.
  2. Type 1214% in the NICN field. A result list appears with five NICNs that begin with 1214.The results also includes the FSC, NIIN, COG, Change Code, and Change Date for each NICN.
  3. Click NIIN 00-812-7805 to display a Details/Summary window that shows the cross-referenced databases where the NIIN can also be found, the FLIS Header Segment A data, the MCRL data, and the ML-C data.
  4. Click the ILS icon () for part number 10921613 in the MCRL panel.
  5. A result list of 4 ILSMart records is returned with the Part Number, the Item Name, the Condition and the Quantity available through ILSMart. Click 10921613.
  6. You are taken to the ILSMart web site login window. If you have a username and password, type your username and password. If you do not have a username and password, go to and contact an ILS representative.
  7. When the ILSMart Parts Availability Results appears, you see 28 hits for part number 10921613.
  8. Click the link for RELLI TECHNOLOGY, IN (7407) under Government Supplier Listings - Updated No Less Than Monthly to view that company's profile.

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