The Air Force ITIES database can be viewed from the FLIS Full display by clicking the link provided at the top of the window, or you go to Database > Airforce > ITIES.

This database is a historical file (available for reference purposes only) that lists thousands of Equipment Numbers and cross references them to an Air Force TO. An Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) is a technical order which has been formally included in the Air Force Technical Order System, as outlined in Air Force Regulation 8-2, Air Force Technical Order System. The Air Force Technical Order System includes publications and a document management system for AFTO changes. It receives, stores, and maintains digital TO change window data and produces postscript TO windows, consists of seven subsystems: production control, text capture, text generation, graphics capture, graphics generation, review and output, operates at three ALCs, and is replaced by the ETIMS.

You also search for a TO and find many of the applicable Equipment Numbers.

To do an ITIES search

  1. Click DatabaseAir ForceITIES.
  2. Type 00550% in the NIIN field, and then click Search.
    The USAF ITIES Results Window appears.
  3. On the results list, click NIIN 005503940 in the NIIN column.
    A Details/Summary window appears with FLIS Segment A, MCRL, and MC-L data.
  4. To view information in any cross-referenced databases, click any of the links under the sentence, "This NIIN was also found in the following databases."  Any underlined databases are linked to data for NIIN 00-550-3940.

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