The DoDAAC database provides addresses for government activities and companies that do business with the government.

To do a DoDAAC search

  1. Click DatabaseSupplemental DatabasesDoDAAC.
  2. Type loc% in the Name field.
  3. On the results list, click 807227 in the Address Code field. This number is an AAC code for Lockheed Martin.
    The Activity Address Code Information for Lockheed appears a mailing address for the 807227 (Lockheed Martin Space, Systems Company division), a freight address for 807227 (Lockheed Martin Space, Systems Company division), and a billing address for 807227 (Lockheed Martin, Accounts Payable division).
    The number 2 in the Type column on the results list for 807227 indicates this is a Freight address. A number 1 indicates a mailing address and a number 3 indicates a billing address.

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